Sunday, October 2, 2011

Autumn Fashion Haul

I spent the weekend home from college and we were planning a run to Syracuse, NY for a mall trip and snow mobile show. Mom and I enjoyed some time at the massive Carousel Mall wandering the endless mass of shops and people. I, of course, b-lined for my favorite store, Hot Topic, first and then shopped the sales in the stores with Autumn fashion out.

I bought a good amount from Hot Topic and scored a bit of a sale at Wet Seal.

Hot Topic: HT just renovated this store with their new industrial look. I thought it showed off the product even more than the old look, though I loved it. I bought the Rainbow Kitty Halloween Kit, Cat Sweatshirt Top, Finch Locket, Crackle Nail Polish, and Feather Hair Extention. Allinall I am pleased with the quality of the items. The Halloween Kit should really be named, though, Sweet Cheshire or something of the like because of the look. Not all colors of the rainbow exist in this peice however, it will be perfect for the party with the Anime Club at my college. The magnet in the locket is crooked but otherwise fine, and there are no other flaws in the rest of the litter that I bought. I <3 HT

I almost bought a Living Dead Doll that was absolutely adorable but would have broken my budget. Like I said, I love HT

Max Brownie Points (10/10) for Hot Topic's prices, selection, quality, and updates to the stores!

Wet Seal: Wet Seal had a sale that was really nice, "Buy one get the other for a penny." I bought this hat because of it's fit and price. I normally don't look good in hats, but I look cute in this one. I love the lace look too. I got the rubber Peace bracelet for a penny and love it to bits as well.

 I will definatly check their selection again because of their prices and such.


We went to the Disney store as well and they had their X-mas ornaments out already, but they were adorable.

We also saw a lot of Hello Kitty in the mall which was tempting me to bust my budget.


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