Friday, July 29, 2011

A Dozen Dark Roses

I have tried and tried in my days to find other flowers to love, for fear of losing what originality I thought I had. But that was folly. What girl cannot love roses? So many colors to choose from and the sweet aroma equally as addicting, they are too lovable to forget. One trip to the flea market turned up an amazing rose discovery! There were buckets on racks filled with birch wood, handmade roses, and at a great price too. I had to grab a dozen before I left. lots of Black, Purple, one Yellow, one Brown, and one Green! I love the colors I chose. They even wrapped them up like you would at a florist. 

 These people are very nice and helpful with picking out the perfect flowers, as well as telling stories about other buyers. According to them, black flowers are becoming more and more popular nowadays. That, at least to me, is nice to hear.

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